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  • Mega Bar by Gym Supreme

Designed to do it all. Designed for Every Level. Designed for you

Mega Bar by Gym Supreme

Simply The Best.Better Than All The Rest

Versatile Function Mixed with a Beatuiful Versatile Design

Mega Bar by Gym Supreme
  • Mega Bar by Gym Supreme

Mega Bar's Features Have No Limit

Only The Best For You and These are Just A Few!

About Us

At Gym Supreme, we are a team with a passion for health and we want to share that passion with you so, we create high quality products that we know will help you effectively stay strong and healthy so that you can take care of yourself and feel and look your best. From design to manufacturing, we’ve created it all to help you.

About Mega Bar

Mega Bar is a high quality weight training exercise product designed to give you access to every style of resistance training. From body-weight to free weight to elastic resistance, you get everything you need with Mega Bar, a compact, versatile, affordable, and beautiful product that will help you stay consistent with getting strong and healthy. Easily transition from upper body exercises to lower body exercises with this compact home gym that saves you space and time. Its limitless function gives you so many great options for resistance training at a great price and size. Use it as a suspension straining station with the included Gymnastic Rings, as a Pull Up Bar to practice those pull-ups you've always wanted to accomplish, or as a Barbell for those classic strength exercises that are always effective. You've got everything you need with Mega Bar and it is ready to help you accomplish your goals.


Our mission is to help you finally stay consistent with your health goals. It's a simple mission, but it's powerful and our passion.


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